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Payton Kane is a world renowned Image Consultant, Psychologist and Motivational Speaker. He is the ONLY Certified Dating Coach with his own FM Radio Talk Show. His program, Seduce & Conquer, has successfully helped over 100,000 men conquer their fears and relationships with women. He is a pioneer in the field of human relations and the world's leading Seduction and Dating authority. For the past 10 years, Payton Kane has dedicated his life to empowering men to take action to transform their lives. Seduce & Conquer is a formula for unstoppable confidence with women. It will give you the knowledge to have ANY woman you want, anytime, anywhere, GUARANTEED!  Learn More/Free Tips

The Seduce & Conquer Home Study Course - How To Get Any Woman You Want

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Home Study Course.

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Download The S&C Home Study Course.

Our Best Package Ever. It's like having Payton Kane as your own personal coach and wing! Learn how to look like a ladies man and how to approach, meet, and date any woman you want anytime, anywhere. GET ANY WOMAN YOU WANT!

Includes: S&C 1.0, S&C 2.0, AND The S &C Radio Show Series,A Player Makeover AND 4, 30 minute Phone Coaching sessions with Payton Kane. 


There Is over 120 hours of audio and video in this package!   Learn More...

The S&C Adults Only Seminar In The DR!

Imagine spending 3 nights/4 days in the Island Paradise of the Dominican Republic with the one and only Payton Kane teaching you how to meet and seduce 100's of beautiful women from all over the world!  Learn More...


Adult Vacations - DRActual Photo DR Seminar 2009!


NEW: The Seduce & Conquer Las Vegas Seminar

Meet Payton Kane in CRAZIEST City of all, Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada. Learn how to approach, meet and seduce women from all over the world. Pick up girls all over Vegas! This package includes a Bar and Casino Seminar, a Night Club Seminar, a Day Game Seminar AND a Strip Club Seminar all in one. PLUS you get to party in Sin City with the one and only Payton Kane himself! Learn More...

The Seduce & Conquer Stripper Seminar.

One of our most popular seminars. Spend a full night with Payton Kane at one of North America's hottest Strip Clubs. Learn how to talk to strippers, how to get phone numbers and how to close the deal. This seminar focuses on how to behave around exotic dancers, how to become more attractive to them and how to go from customer to boyfriend. Learn More...


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Actual Photo Cancun Seminar

The Seduce & Conquer Cancun Seminar.

Imagine spending 7 nights/ 8 days, in sunny Cancun, Mexico surrounded by 100's of beautiful women with the one and only Payton Kane as your wingman teaching you how to pick them all up! Learn More...

Nightclub Seminar And Workshop.

Spend a night with Payton Kane at one of North America's hottest Nightclubs. Learn how to approach and meet women. How to talk to women. How to get phone numbers  and how to close the deal. Ideal for guys who want to pick up girls @ Clubs.. Learn More..

Payton Kane - Makeovers for Men      Actual Client

Get a Player Makeover and Look Like a Hollywood Star!

Payton Kane and our Makeover Team can turn ANY regular guy into a Ladies Man within 4 hours!

Learn how to have style. How to dress for success. How to have presence. How to groom. How to wear your hair. How to buy clothes that are right for you and how to look attractive, amazing, and extremely sexy to women.


Your Satisfaction is ALWAYS 100% Guaranteed. Learn More...

NEW!  How To Pick Up Girls @ The Mall Workshop

This Day Game Seminar with Payton Kane focuses on meeting women during the day. Learn how to approach and talk to women at the mall and on the street. Learn specific techniques that will help you pick up girls who work in retail. This Seminar is ideal for guys who don't like bars and nightclubs. If you want to learn how to pick up women during the day, buy this seminar now!   Learn More...

The Seduce & Conquer Radio Show Collection

2 full years of Payton Kane's Radio Shows from August 2004 to September 2006 in one complete package. 2 MP3 CD's and 2 DVD's. Over 100 hours of info all edited and commercial free. Order now or buy it with the Seduce & Conquer Home Study Course.  Learn More...

How to Pick Up Women At A Bar Seminar

This 1on 1 seminar with Payton Kane focuses on how to meet women at bars and restaurants. Learn how to pick up waitresses, bartenders and girls who like to go to bars and dine out. Ideal for guys who like to go out but dislike the nightclub scene. This seminar will teach you how to pick up women in a social setting. Learn More...

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